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Served between 0800-0830 hrs, with a choice of cereals and toast.


 Prepared daily by our resident cook and cooked on the premises. A two course hot lunch is served in a family friendly manner between 12-1pm. The Nursery operates "protected meal times" which means that we encourage parents/ carers not to interrupt this period so we can enjoy a relaxed family time together. 


Served between 4-4.30pm

Our meals are planned over a four week rota and are updated Termly. Our menus are displayed on the Parent notice board in the nursery. Water and milk are available to the children throughout the day. All children have individual place mats and have their own labeled cups.







We strive to achieve the balance of providing meals that children enjoy with nutritional value. Special diets can be arranged in cases of allergies, vegetarian or religious requirements. All our foods are sourced locally. 

The children also help prepare foods for their lunch and tea.

     We ask that all formula milk to be supplied by parents and the Nursery works in partnership with parents, when the weaning process begins.

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